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»  $25,000 to $350,000 of Coverage
»  Coverage for 10, 15 or 20 Years
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Welcome to our no exam life insurance quotes site. We provide free online no exam life insurance quotes, sometimes referred to as term life insurance no exam.

Our experienced and professional insurance agents constantly research the market for new no exam life insurance plans. Our sole mission is to provide you, the consumer, with access to the easiest and most affordable no exam life insurance available.

Quoting and applying will take just a few minutes. In most cases if you qualify, your coverage can be complete in just a few more minutes. Plus, no insurance agent need ever visit your home.

We do not "sell you" as a lead to other insurance agents. Your information is kept completely confidential in compliance with all HIPPA regulations.

An affordable no exam term life insurance policy has many uses in the event of your untimely death:
  • Setting aside college education funds for your children
  • Maintaining your family's lifestyle upon death of the breadwinner
  • Providing cash for outstanding debt without liquidating valuable assets
  • Paying for final expenses without burdening your children
  • Protecting or creating wealth for estate planning
  • Protecting businesses via key man insurance or funding buy-sell agreements
No exam life insurance can provide your heirs options and flexibility instead of their being trapped by life's misfortunes.

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